Fabrication Work

AMEC offers the design, supply and implementation of industrial trusses and all metal works, cutting, assembling and repairing steel structures such as buildings, bridges and construction equipment using a variety of metal raw materials at the best prices and the highest quality of modern metalwork.

In construction metal works, AMEC depends on the skills required to teach, cut, assemble, repair and maintain steel infrastructure and sub-structures. The company also has technicians and engineers with great experience in the field of metalwork and engineering techniques and implementing them in a correct manner in terms of planning, cutting, forming, assembly and installation. .

Technicians and engineers use many modern tools and devices in structural metalwork, such as cutting and forming tools and equipment to prepare parts for assembly and various standard welding operations.

The best metalworking manufacturers and installers


AMEC Trading and Contracting Company provides the best metalwork services and provides specialists and technicians who provide design, drawing, implementation, installation and supervision of all metal works they provide
AMIC has many experiences in metal works, manufacture and supply of iron and installation at competitive prices and within international standards

We have a group of the best engineers and technicians who supervise the preparation and installation of workpieces according to the needs of our customers.

All metal works are manufactured within AMEC’s workshops under the full supervision of the best engineers and technicians since the beginning of design, processing, cutting and even installation, where we know the customer’s requirements and accordingly, the appropriate work is prepared for him.

The best metalworking services

We have the best metalwork services that companies and factories need at special prices

Flexible pricing

AMEC offers its customers the advantage of having flexibility in the prices of the services it provides

Best quality and lowest price

We have a group of the best types of metal works produced by major companies

Flexible pricing

AMEC is interested in providing the best services to customers in all fields, including surface insulation, as the quality standard and producing the product in its distinctive form is at the forefront of our priorities, but nevertheless we do not neglect the work to comfort the customer and provide him with the best prices.

With regard to roof insulation prices in Egypt 2021, we have flexibility in the prices that we offer to our customers in all services, not just roof and tank insulation.

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AMEC has success stories in the field of electrical, mechanical contracting and energy services with many major entities in various fields



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AMEC provides a variety of services, whether manufacturing, supply or maintenance

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