Electromechanical Contracting

Electromechanical contracting is defined as electrical work aimed at feeding and fire alarms, acoustics, telephones, network, computer and television, central air-conditioning, ventilation, pipes and mechanical installations, installation of sewage treatment plants and drinking water purification in various governorates, and there are two types of electromechanical contracting, namely:

* Electrical Contracting

– The work of establishing electricity networks (TV, Network, and Sound).

– Earthling System works.

-Cable Tray.

– Installation of panels and dispensers.

– Establish fire alarm networks.

* Mechanical Contracting

 -Establishing networks and installing pumps and fire extinguishing systems.

 – Central air conditioning (HVAC) works, which are sheet metal, installation of central air conditioning units and air ducts.

– Generators and pumps installations.

 Best contracting companies in Egypt

AMEC Contracting provides all electromechanical contracting services with high quality and efficiency, depending on its experts who have great knowledge of everything new in the field of electromechanical works, as well as its flexible prices that suit all needs, and this has placed it among the largest contracting companies in Egypt.

During more than seven years, during which AMEC was present in the Egyptian market, it succeeded in providing a distinguished experience in the field of electromechanical contracting, as it provided many electromechanical services to a number of major institutions in the Egyptian market.

AMEC, through its previous work, has become among the largest contracting companies in Egypt. Due to its highly qualified and distinguished engineers and technicians in the field of electromechanical contracting.

Advantages of doing business with us

Since its inception, AMEC has taken priority over the necessity to provide services in the best way to the customer, in proportion to his needs and contribute to facilitating his production wheel. Therefore, our services are always available with excellent quality, speed of implementation and technical efficiency.

Among the most prominent of our customers to whom we provided electromechanical contracts, they admired King Salman University in South Sinai, Dora Company in the Courtyard in Sheikh Zayed and MBC channels Egypt, in addition to a number of food factories, malls, schools and administrative buildings.

Take the initiative now to contact your mom and specify your needs, and we will provide you with everything you want.

Price flexibility

We have great flexibility in the prices of the services we provide because our main goal is to reach customer satisfaction

Execution speed

We save time for customers by implementing our services very quickly without affecting the high quality that we distinguish in all of our work.

High quality

AMEC puts providing high quality services that satisfy customers and achieve the required goal at the forefront of its priorities.

Our Partners

AMEC has success stories in the field of electrical, mechanical contracting and energy services with many major entities in various fields


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