Insulation Services

AMEC Trading and Contracting Company provides insulation services according to the latest technologies and the highest approved quality and safety standards; This is to protect all industrial facilities and owners of major projects from the problems that occur due to noise and better to meet the needs of our customers in industrial facilities of all kinds of insulation services; To ensure maximum protection from electrical contact and the risk of electrocution and noise…. etc.

Thermal insulation and concrete structures
The insulation process is a very necessary process to preserve the ceilings from heat and humidity, as concrete ceilings are the most exposed to these factors. Therefore, AMIC provides all insulation services to protect structures from humidity and high heat.

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What are the types of insulation?



Amec works to protect the insulated part and uses certain materials to protect the concrete structure from factors that negatively affect it. Amec offers many types of insulation, including:

1- waterproofing

2- Thermal insulation

3- sound insulation

AMEC has a group of the best engineers and technicians who supervise all insulation services to provide protection and materials needed to insulate surfaces.

The best roof insulation solutions

We have the best insulation solutions that companies and factories need to ensure and protect buildings at special prices

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Flexible pricing

AMEC offers its customers the advantage of having flexibility in the prices of the services it provides

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The best roofing services

We have a group of the best insulation services of all kinds, which are provided by the AMIC company

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Flexible pricing

AMEC is interested in providing the best services to customers in all fields, including surface insulation, as the quality standard and producing the product in its distinctive form is at the forefront of our priorities, but nevertheless we do not neglect the work to comfort the customer and provide him with the best prices.

With regard to roof insulation prices in Egypt 2021, we have flexibility in the prices that we offer to our customers in all services, not just roof and tank insulation.

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AMEC has success stories in the field of electrical, mechanical contracting and energy services with many major entities in various fields



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