Generators «Sale – Rent – Maintenance»

Generators have topped the list of the basic elements required to be available within the work system within companies and institutions in all sectors in recent years. Whether it is for the purpose of buying or renting generators.

AMEC Contracting provides sales, rent and maintenance services for generators


AMEC has different capacities of generators, ranging from 45 KVA to 2000 KVA, and generators can be rented individually or simultaneously with capacities ranging from 1000 K.V.A to 10 MVA.


To select and sell generators with capacities from 12 KVA to 2000 KVA, we have Perkins, Cummins generators, and all of our generators are homemade.

The best maintenance of generators in Egypt

AMEC provides its customers with generators maintenance contracts that enable them to work without fear of any malfunctions that disrupt the flow of production within the company, as our role does not depend on selling or renting electricity generators, so we deal with our customers on the basis that we are partners, and we aim to help them succeed.

AMEC is one of the best generator maintenance companies, as we have a team of experts and technicians with a high level of efficiency and experience, which enables them to deal with any emergencies that may occur to the generator during work.

We also offer many privileges to our clients, whether they are related to generators leases, or generator maintenance, and we also have the ability to operate more than one generator in one location.

Prices of generators

AMEC Contracting offers its customers many privileges, as it provides them with the best rental rates for generators in Egypt, as the prices are competitive to suit all requests and the volume of investment for companies wishing to obtain an electricity generator.

AMEC is distinguished from other companies when providing the rental service of generators in that it has great experience in the field of selling and renting electrical generators, as the company has great experiences in this field that it gained from its participation in many large and giant infrastructure construction projects across the country.

We also have the ability to effectively manage people, projects and equipment, and proactively identify challenges; Avoiding hurdles and overcoming hurdles to meet schedule expectations, keeping in mind that customers are not overburdened.

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