Fire Fighting Installation System

Firefighting systems are among the most important services that must be provided in all establishments, especially in which a large number of people reside; because it is the main factor in securing and protecting the lives of people inside the facility, in addition to protecting the assets of the buildings.

The firefighting system is determined based on the quality of the building and the quality standards. AMEC Contracting provides fixed automatic fire extinguishing systems that work on dry chemical powder, which work on carbon dioxide CO2, and that work on clean gases «helium, nitrogen».

Firefighting systems consist of smoke detectors, heat and extinguishing systems, whether with water, foam or gas, whether conventional or addressable system and their networks.


Types of fire Fighting systems

* Automatic switch off with water

The oldest and most common firefighting system used in dealing with fire and it is preferred to be used in the sites of small and medium commercial activities. It is subject to standard firefighting standards and its cost is low compared to the costs of other firefighting systems.

It is also used in some industries, such as: spinning and weaving, carpets, paper manufacturing, industries that depend on petroleum materials with foam, but it is not suitable for industries that depend on electrical devices and machines.

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Forms of water firefighting systems



Fighting fire with water spray.

– Firefighting sprinkler.

– Foam firefighting system.

– Water pumps firefighting system.

* Automatic extinguishing of gases

There are a number of gases that are very effective in dealing with and extinguishing fires with high efficiency, and they are considered among the types of firefighting systems, namely:

– Firefighting by using CO2 gas.

– Extinguishing with sensor hose.

– Extinguishing with FM 200 gas.

 – Kitchen extinguishing system.



Advantages of AMEC fire fighting systems

AMEC Contracting Company provides its customers with the advantage of supplying and installing fire-fighting systems that guarantee them access to the elements of security and safety, by providing all solutions for fire systems, whether they are fixed for automatic extinguishing with water (water sprinklers, spray, and foam).

AMEC Company outperforms fire systems companies in Egypt with the expertise it possesses in this field, which our experts gained from previous works that the company provided with many major institutions such as El-Nasr General Contracting Company “Hassan Allam”, MBC channels Egypt and DMC.

We also have a group of the best specialists in supplying and installing firefighting systems; which contributes to our customers getting high quality, and also AMEC provides the best prices for fire alarm devices in the Egyptian market.

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